A Voice from the Grave

Recently in parliament, the member for Lyne, Mr Rob Oakeshott recognises the contribution the late Peter Andren, member for Calare, made to the current parliamentary reforms:

I want to mention the late Peter Andren.  There has been plenty of debate about parliamentary reform for years.  An inquiry was undertaken before the 2007 election and submissions were received from a whole range of people.  One submission was fromt he late Peter Andren.  He was looking for 30-second questions and two minute answers.  If I was keen on anything that I had to compromise on, it was that.  Out of respect to him, as well as out of respect to the logic of the argument, if I am going to get pinned for being keen about anything it should be about that submission from the late Peter Andren on questions and answers having time limits.  I and others have compromised on the timing.  We have got up to 45 seconds for questions and four minutes for the answers.  But that has very much come, and should be acknowledged as having come, from the work that was done by the late Peter Andren.

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One Response to A Voice from the Grave

  1. Magpie says:

    Mr. Senexx, sir!

    You get this info from reading the Hansard?

    comment: I did. I am also aware of Andren’s previous efforts.

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